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Cordobond Steel Putty is comparable to Cordobond Putty, but it is reinforced with carborundum for extra
heavy use and repair. The carborundum also ensures that when used as top layer it becomes rougher.


Cordobond Steel Putty repairs tears, holes, cracks, flaws and other defects in steel and other metals.
It also adheres to wood, pottery etc. Metal parts that are treated with Cordobond are extremely
resistant to corrosion. Corroded mortises can be filled with Cordobond Steel Putty. After hardening they can
be re-drilled or mortised. Extra reinforcement can be achieved by covering the material with Cordobond
Resin and glass fibre.

Cordobond Steel Putty consists of three components, Resin and Activator and carborundum, each packaged
separately. The Resin tin is partially filled so that the Activator can be added and mixed together.
During mixing it is important to add small portions of carborundum.

It is important that Cordobond Steel Putty is mixed together well; otherwise it will not fully harden.

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