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  • C6870


Typical Chemical Composition:

  • Cu: 76-79%
  • Zn: Bal %
  • Pb: 0.05% max
  • Fe: 0.05%
  • Al: 1.8-2.5%
  • As: 0.02-0.06%


Typical Mechanical Properties:

  • Tensile Strength: 414 MPa (60 KSI)
  • Yield Strength: 186 MPa (27 KSI)
  • Elongation: 55%



  • Aluminium Brass is highly accepted and one of the most extensively used material for various industrial applications.
  • This allows develops a protective film that has self-healing properties.
  • Aluminium brass tubes resist the action of high velocity salt and brackish water and the outstanding characteristic of this alloy is its superior resistance to impingement attack.
  • Tubes used for heat exchangers and condensers.


Profiles Available:

  • Round Bar / Rod
  • Pipe / Tube
  • Sheet / Plate

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