Molyslip Rusolvent(Dismantling Releasing Fluid)
Molyslip Rusolvent(Dismantling Releasing Fluid) Molyslip Adhesive , Compound & Sealant Johor Bahru (JB), Johor, Malaysia Supplier, Suppliers, Supply, Supplies | KSJ Global Sdn Bhd
Description :
  • MOLYSLIP RUSOLVENT is a highly efficient dismantling and releasing fluid which rapidly penetrates the finest clearances and cuts through rust and corrosion.


  • The fluid will readily free nuts, bolts, screws, locks, hinges and all threaded joints. Anything that resists the action of a spanner or screwdriver should be treated with MOLYSLIP RUSOLVENT and left for a few minutes to allow penetration after which it can be readily released.


  • It is a combination of highly effective wetting and penetrating agents with solvents and lubricating oil of low viscosity. A drop of the fluid is placed on a rusted surface: the penetration and spreading, even in a vertical direction, will immediately be observed.

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