Molyslip MSS(Silicone Spray)
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Description :
  • MOLYSLIP MSS is a specially formulated, non-staining, silicone spray containing a powerful release agent. MSS has very good covering properties and is economical to use. Its fine spray ensures an evenly controlled coverage with one application. MSS is colourless and provides good temperature stability and electrical resistance.


  • As a mould release agent for all plastics and rubber, MSS allows easy release from the most complex tools. MSS is an excellent lubricant for applications where the more usual oils and greases cannot be used, and is especially suitable for all plastics, rubber and wood, and for the lubrication of bearings, conveyors, sliders etc, particularly in the automotive, clothing and furniture industries, where the clean, low-toxicity properties of silicone are ideal. Use MSS for polishing plastic, wood, rubber and glass - spray lightly and polish with a clean dry cloth to obtain a water repellent polished surface. MSS will greatly assist the assembly of all types of rubber seals, but must not be used on vehicle windscreens.

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