Hylo-Clean Hylomar
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Description :
HYLO®CLEAN is a specially blended cleaning fluid that is highly effective at removing used Hylomar jointing compound from disassembled joint surfaces. The unique mix of solvents also make it perfect for cleaning and degreasing surfaces prior to use with any of Hylomar’s range of adhesives and sealants. HYLO®CLEAN is also very effective at removing uncured anaerobic, uncured silicone and uncured epoxy products.
HYLO®CLEAN can be used for :
  • Removing Hylomar M, Hylomar Universal Blue, Hylomar AF and Hylomar Aerograde, uncured HYLO®GRIP anaerobic products, uncured HYLO®BOND epoxy and acrylic adhesives and Hylotyte®Red
  • Degreasing metal components – will remove most oils, lubricating fluids, metal cuttings and dirt from any metal surface
  • HYLO®CLEAN does not leave a residue and evaporates quickly after application

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